Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bottles have Arrived

Hi Brewers,

Yesterday I received my 330ml brewing bottles. I went with the Heineken green colour. I bought 72 bottles with 100 caps for only NZ$30. I found them on a site here in New Zealand called Trademe, essentially it is the equivalent of eBay.

I also invested in a good quality bottle capper, which was a bit pricey, NZ$33 at the brewcraft store, but I guess I have to put the caps on somehow.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Basic Setup

Just thought I would post a few photos of my setup. At the moment I have one 30 litre container, it is brewing the Munich lager. On the left side of the photo in the 5 litre glass jar is a batch of Mead (Honey wine). My flatmate is brewing the honey wine, hopefully it turns out alright. On the top is an experiment, a 1.5 litre sprite bottle that is brewing Raro wine. 

A Couple of Weeks Ago

I moved into a new flat a few weeks ago and while I was talking to my new flatmates, I discovered that he used to brew beer / spirits while he was at university. I had always wanted to try home brewing beer. I ask my new flatmate if he would be able to help me through the process of brewing my first batch.

Down the road, there is our local Brewcraft store. I chatted to the retail attendant, who was extremely knowledgeable and explained the type of beer I enjoyed. He recommended the Brewcraft starter kit, which came with the Munich style beer.
The Munich style beer apparently tastes similar to hoegarden. Hoegarden is a bit light for my taste but I was told to reduce the recipes 23 litres to 21 litres, this will give it a more full bodied flavour.

I have since set up the starter kit and it has been brewing for a couple of weeks now. It's almost time to bottle it. Incase anyone was wondering, the starter kits are available at the Brewcraft Mt.Eden store for only NZ$89.

Welcome to Homebrew Log

Fellow homebrewers,

A new hobby of mine is home brewing beer. I thought I would log information that I get a let you guys know how it worked out for me. At the moment, I have a 21 litre container brewing up come Munich later. I will be bottling it in the next day or two and I will let you guys know how it is going and if I ran into any issues.